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Play services update brings “trusted places” to Smart Lock on Android 5.0

Smart LockFor the last couple of days, Google has been rolling-out new Play services update to Android devices around the world, which has included mostly developer-related stuff, but now the search giant has released a new version of the Play services for Android 5.0-running devices. This update brings support for “trusted places” in Smart Lock functionality present in Android 5.0 Lollipop.

To remind you, with Android 5.0, Google introduces Smart Lock, which is intended to help the consumers in using more secure screen-locks on their Android devices and yet not get frustrated in unlocking the device every time. With Smart Lock, Android 5.0 users are able to set trusted faces and trusted devices, to unlock the device automatically without entering the necessary code or pattern. With the updated Play services, Google has also added trusted places to the feature, allows users to define places like home, where their device can be unlocked automatically. The consumers can add multiple addresses as trusted places.

If you have an Android 5.0 device, the option will reach your smartphone or tablet in the coming days as the new Play services version 6.5.85 (1589008-438) lands on your device.

One thought on “Play services update brings “trusted places” to Smart Lock on Android 5.0

  1. I hope GPS isn’t necessary for this .. else it seems like a ploy which NSA would deploy under the guise of ease of operation.

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