Google expands Play Music to more European countries

Google Play Music expansionGoogle earlier today announced that it is launching its Play Music service in more European countries. According to the search giant, the Play Music will now be available in Belarus, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malta, Romania, Serbia, and Slovenia markets.

If you live in the aforementioned countries, head over to Google Play Music now to check it out or subscribe to All Access streaming service.

To remind you, Google Play Music allows the consumers to purchase songs, store their own songs in a cloud-locker as well as offers monthly unlimited music-streaming service.

With the latest expansion, Google Play Music is now accessible in a total of 58 markets around the globe. Asia seems to be the most under-represented country in Play Music availability and we hope that Google now moves towards Asia to bring Play Music to our shores.

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