Samsung Gear S smartwatch gets Opera Mini browser support

Opera Mini on Gear SOpera has announced it has added support for Samsung Gear S smartwatch in its Opera Mini website browser, making it the first full web browser for the smartwatch.

Powered by Tizen, Samsung Gear S comes with in-built 3G, making on-the-go data connectivity easier than ever. The Opera Mini will allow you to further use that data connectivity to browse the web right on your wrist. Given the just 2-inch of screen real-estate available to the Gear S, the smartwatch won’t be the best platform for web-browsing but it will surely help you out in the crunch situations.

As Opera Mini includes data compression support for better internet browsing even with slow data connection, it is ideal for smartwatches.

“Opera Mini is an internet browser designed to run smoothly, even where internet access is slow and coverage is poor. It employs data-saving technology that shrinks the size of webpages to as little as 10%, helping to load image-heavy pages in a snap. So, if you’re working out in a crowded gym or running in the foothills where mobile coverage is weak, you can still enjoy a full-web browsing experience that’s faster and more data-efficient, right from your wrist,” Opera noted in a blog post.

Samsung Gear S users will be able to install the Opera Mini from Gear Apps for free.

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