HTC announces RE handheld camera

HTC Re cameraAfter a number of leaks, HTC’s new RE camera became official on Thursday. The new HTC Re is the company’s attempt to diversify its product portfolio as it struggles to rake in big profits.

HTC states that RE will help you in stepping out from behind the camera and enjoy the life as it happens.

“RE is a small handheld camera that allows you to capture and fully experience every moment, through video and photography, without the hassle and awkwardness of grabbing your phone or camera and missing the moment because you were too busy capturing it,” HTC stated in a blog post.

RE is a simple device, it includes just two buttons, one of image/ video capture and other for slow motion video. There is not even a power button and the device utilises the integrated grip sensor to detect when it needs to switch itself on.

In terms of the specifics, HTC RE packs a 16MP image sensor with 146 degree wide-angle lens, which support 1080p video recording. The device is waterproof and can record slow motion video and time-lapse videos without effort. RE also supports remote viewfinder via the Re app on smartphone, which can be used to set-up a perfect shot. In addition, The app is utilised to transfer images from Re to the smartphones or tablets and also allows live-streaming of the video input from Re on YouTube.

According to HTC, RE will be released in the US first for $199 in November, followed by other markets. It will be available in White, Teal, Orange and Navy Blue colour options.


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