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Google starts showing Indian train reservations in Google Now

Google Now Train ReservationsIn time for Diwali travel, Google has quietly started showing upcoming train reservations in Google Now in India. If you have a train journey coming up and you get your IRCTC booking emails in your Gmail account, Google Now will automatically show your booking and train details on the journey day.

As you can see in the screenshot above, Google shows departure and arrival stations, train time, train name, reserved seat details, reservation number, booked class and coach details.

Train Reservation card is the second travel information card to be released by Google in the Indian market after the Flight card, which has been available for quite some time.

To make sure that you get access to the train reservation details in Google Now, update the Google Search app on your Android smartphone or tablet to the latest available version.

In related news, IRCTC had recently released its official Android app in Google Play. The applications has already been downloaded over 500,000 times and brings the basic train ticketing features to the Android users.

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6 thoughts on “Google starts showing Indian train reservations in Google Now

  1. Gaurav: It also shows status of online order from eCommerce stores from gmail mail’s. It was showing me Myntra’s mails.

    1. Actually, this app gives very accurate information. Indian railways information are available very clearly on this app.

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