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Google to revamp its music-streaming service: Reuters

Google Play Music All AccessGoogle is reportedly planning to revamp its music streaming service All Access as well as add a new streaming option in the form a YouTube service. Not many details are available at this point but this service revamp is expected in the coming weeks, probably coinciding with the Android L and new Nexus device launch.

According a report in Reuters, the revamped version of Google Play Music All Access will include recommendation technology from Google’s Songza acquisition and pack better integration with wearables devices and automobiles.

Jamie Rosenberg, Google’s Vice President of Digital Content, told Reuters that Google want a music-streaming service that extends seamlessly to your wearable device or to your car and is intelligent enough to play the right music for the right moment.

With Google working with Android Wear as well Android Auto, the integration shouldn’t be a big problem.

The search giant also revealed that it plans to keep the $10 monthly subscription fee but hopes that improved All Access will drive more consumers to its service.

“Is the bigger upside getting more people to try these services, or is the bigger upside dropping the price by a dollar or two? Right now we’re focused on creating broad awareness that the service exists,” Rosenberg said.

Coming to the upcoming YouTube music streaming service, it will reportedly allow the consumers play multiple tracks in a row and be available in both ad-supported as well as subscription form, unlike All Access, which is not free.

We hope to see an official announcement from Google in the next fortnight, which should give us more details.

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