Sony Xperia Z leaks in Copper along with new e-ink Smartband

Sony Xperia Z3 in CopperSony might be introducing the Xperia Z3 along with a bunch of other devices in just a few hours from now but who doesn’t love some last-minute leaks. So, here is the Xperia Z3 in Copper colour along with the brand new e-ink Smartband.

There are no new details about Z3 but thanks to a specs leak from yesterday, we pretty much know everything about the phone. Check out more images of the smartphone later in the report.

What is actually interesting, about this leak, is the new Smartband. This is the first time, we are seeing this upcoming wearable from the company, which will sport an e-ink display. The e-ink display will help the fitness tracker provide a really impressive battery back-up. The back-up time might not be as great an Kindle e-reader because of the constant battery-usage by sensors and other stuff but it is still expected to far better than other wearables in the market, which pack the normal LCD or OLED screen.

As always, we will bring you all the details once the new Sony devices become official later today. Till then, check out the related posts below for more leaked news about the Sony devices.


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