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Rumoured Android Silver program has been delayed: Report

Android Silver programIf you were somehow waiting for the rumoured Android Silver smartphones, your wait just became indefinitely longer. According to a report in The Information, Google has delayed the Android Silver program and it has something to do with the departure of Google’s former Chief Business Officer Nikesh Arora. Nikesh now works with Softbank.

The Information notes that Nikesh Arora was responsible for Google’s partnerships with device manufacturers and telecom operators, something that is vital for a program like Android Silver and its success. His resignation from Google might have disrupted these plans. The website also states that Android Silver is not getting a nod across the board at Mountain View, there are various groups in Google, who believe that Android Silver will not succeed.

Android Silver might have been a focus of various news reports over the last few months, but officially it is still nothing more than a rumour. There has been no statement from Google or any of its executives giving credibility to the existence of such program. It is important to note here that the companies like Google continuously work on various new initiatives and plans, some of them make it to the public, while others head to the bin and Android Silver might have a similar fate.

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