Google reportedly wants more Google on Android devices

HTC One M8 Google Play editionGoogle has reportedly imposed new conditions in the revised Mobile Application Distribution Agreement (MADA) to get more of its applications and services on the Android devices. MADA is a requirement to get Google suite of Android applications as well as Play Store on Android devices, so all major Android manufacturers sign this agreement apart from the likes of Amazon or Microsoft, who don’t use Google apps in their Android devices.

According to a report in The Information, Google has been adding new requirements in MADA like pre-installation of up to 20 Google apps, prominent visibility of Google apps on device home-screen as well as prominence to Google Search. In addition, the company wants Google Search to appear from the swipe up from home-button gesture and support for Ok Google hotword.

The folks at Mountain View reportedly want these requirements to get a uniform Android experience across devices but the real reason behind this move is unknown. With massive popularity of Android across the world, Google now possesses the amount of negotiating power that it didn’t have when Android had just started. Without any alternative, the manufacturers are stuck with Android.

To remind you, MADA had similar requirements earlier but they were limited like pre-install requirement for just nine Google applications or no need for a Google folder on home-screen but the 2014 version of MADA had taken the presence of Google in Android to a whole new  level.


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