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Google Play app return window extended to two hours

App refund in Google PlayThe Android users have been seeing the extended apps and games return window for some weeks and now Google has officially revealed the change on its support website.

Earlier, Google only allowed returns for upto 15 minutes after the full installation of any app of game but Android users will now see the “Refund” option for as long as 120 minutes in Google Play Store. This is certainly a welcome change and will give the users sometime with an app before they deem it unworthy of their money.

Here is how to return a purchased app or game

  • Open the Google Play Store app on your Android device
  • Open the sliding menu by touching the Play Store logo on the top left and then go to My Apps.
  • Select the app or game you’d like to return.
  • Select Refund.

You can also initiate return on your computer by going to Google Play, click on the gear icon to go to my orders, click the menu icon next to the game or app you want to return, then select “Report a problem” and then the refund option.

While 2 hours might not be the same as the original return time of 24 hours, which existed back in 2010 but it still better than just 15 minutes.

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