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Droid Turbo & Moto S appear in leaked images

Droid Turbo
Droid Turbo (left) with Droid Ultra

Motorola’s 2014 line-up of smartphones is expected to grow bigger in the coming weeks as the company is rumoured to launch a new Droid Turbo phone on US telecom operator Verizon Wireless and a new phablet Moto S globally.

As per the online reports, the highlight of the Droid Turbo will be its long battery life and faster charging capabilities. Other details are still sketchy but the phone is said to be sporting a 5.2-inch display, dual-LED flash, and front speakers.

Now, the first images of the phone have appeared online. Shared by HelloMotoHK, these images show that Motorola will include a pattern similar to previous generation Droid-series smartphones on the back but the overall design will be quite different. You can check out more of the leaked images at the end of the report.

Coming to the Moto S, an image showing the back panel of Moto S smartphone along with Moto G and Moto X back covers has also been published by HelloMotoHK. The leaked images suggest that Moto S will be a phablet version of the new Moto X and will pack similar design. The specifications are unclear but some reports indicate that the phone will include a 5.9-inch QHD display, Snapdragon 805 processor and 3GB of RAM.Moto S

More leaked images of Droid Turbo:

No other details are available about these two phones at this point but we hope to hear more in the coming days.

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