Motorola launches new Moto X in India for INR 31,999

New Moto XMotorola has finally revealed the pricing of its new Moto X smartphone in the Indian market. The phone will retail starting INR 31,999 and will be available starting midnight tonight i.e. 0000 hrs on September 25 at exclusively.

The Moto X (2nd gen) was originally unveiled earlier this month at a press event in New Delhi. The phone features a 5.2-inch full HD display, Snapdragon 801 quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, and Android 4.4.4.  The smartphone also packs 13MP rear camera with dual LED flash, 2MP front shooter, 2300 mAh battery and 16GB of storage.

As per the Flipkart listings, the smartphone will be released in the country in Black, Bamboo White and Leather Black variants. While the Black version is confirmed to retail at INR 31,999, the individual prices of other variants are unclear right now but we will update the post as soon as we have a confirmation. (Update: The wood and leather back variants of Moto X (2nd Gen) will retail for INR 33,999.)

Motorola hasn’t revealed the pricing and availability details of the Moto 360 smartwatch till now.


  1. Price seems on the higher side. Htc e8 with same specs costs the same at 32-34k. Don’t see why’d anyone go with moto x than the e8.


    • Agreed. HTC E8 is much better looking and has bigger battery, micro SD slot while costs same (Rs 32K).
      Almost all the reviews criticized new moto X’s poor battery life. I wonder why Moto can’t put a bigger battery in 9.7mm phone when Xioami could put 3050mAh battery in 8mm phone (this applies to all OEMs).


  2. best failure phone moto x in india again proves my vision correct 16gb flagship phone only for show off people motorola does not want big sale from this model no wonder it fails in the they should keep up with g and e without bothering about axe(x)


  3. yes the phone is much over priced …. i am much disappointed from moto India… you can get HTC one E8 having better spec. than this phone.


  4. finally a highend mobile people can buy without waiting for pricecut. but why no 32GB version. motorola acting like an idiot again. they want to sell mobile but will hand you a crippled one. i can bet most people will be put off by the memory size. 11-12GB free with no way to expand. OTG is there but spoils look. motorola is basically handing over its share of flagship market to others for free.


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