Swing Copters now available in Google Play

Swing CoptersFlappy Bird developer Dong Nguyen’s new game Swing Copters is now available for download in Google Play. The game is free but doesn’t include any in-app purchases as was earlier reported (at least in the Android version).

Swing Copters is a simple but hard arcade style game in which you tap at the right intervals on your screen to get your character with propeller hat through the obstacles. Like Flappy Bird, there is only one action that you will be doing and it is going take a lot of game plays to even cross the first obstacle.

During my brief usage of the game, I found it be quite hard and even tougher than Flappy Bird. You might get better with practice but not being able to cross a single obstacle is really frustrating.

To remind you, Dong Nguyen had recently released Flappy Birds Family exclusively for Fire TV devices in the United States and is working on more games, which are expected in the coming months.

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