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Play Sale offers movies, music & e-books at steep discount

Google has announced that it is currently hosting a sale on Google Play, as a part of which, the consumers can grab discounted movies, music and e-books. The sale is available in 17 countries like India, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Japan, Italy, Korea, Mexico, Netherlands, Russia, Taiwan, Thailand, UK, US and South-East Asia.

The availability of the discounted content depends on which content is currently sold by Google in your country. Like in India, you can only get discounted movies and e-books.

Google Play Sale in India

Detailing the Google Play sale in the Indian market, which is being called as “The Great Monsoon sale”, the consumers can get select e-books for as low as INR 6, while the others are available at higher but discounted prices. Similarly, movies are available at lower prices but there don’t seem to be any huge discounts.Google Play - The Great Monsoon sale

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