NVIDIA details 64-bit version of Tegra K1 processor

Tegra K1 Denver After teasing the 64-bit variant of its flagship Tegra K1 SoC in January this year, NVIDIA has now revealed more details about the processor.

According to NVIDIA, 64-bit Tegra K1 “Denver” will be available as a part of consumer devices later year and the company is already at works to optimise the Android L for processor.

The new Tegra K1 pairs 192-core Kepler architecture-based GPU with the company’s two custom designed Denver CPU cores and is ARMv8 architecture compatible.

NVIDIA claims that the 64-bit Denver core in Tegra K1 offers the highest CPU performance for a single core among all currently available processors in the market.

“Denver is designed for the highest single-core CPU throughput, and also delivers industry-leading dual-core performance. Each of the two Denver cores implements a 7-way superscalar microarchitecture (up to 7 concurrent micro-ops can be executed per clock), and includes a 128KB 4-way L1 instruction cache, a 64KB 4-way L1 data cache, and a 2MB 16-way L2 cache, which services both cores,” the company explained in a blog post.Tegra K1 Denver

In addition, NVIDIA notes that new Tegra K1 chip can offer PC-class performance for standard apps, extended battery life and the best web browsing experience. Whether all of this is true or not, we will know in the coming months.

You can find more technical details about the processor at NVIDIA blog post or in this research paper.

One thought on “NVIDIA details 64-bit version of Tegra K1 processor

  1. this is how processors should be made. “2 fast cores is always better than 4 slow cores” or ones that turn your phone into a electric oven. as said by the great Anand Lal Simpi. Yet we won’t have many (or any) mobiles packing K1 Denver as mobile companies go for Qualcomm & Mediatek and Nvidia stated they are aiming it at Android gaming consoles and other devices.

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