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Moto X to get Android L update, says Motorola’s Punit Soni

Moto X with Bamboo backMotorola’s Vice President of Product Management Punit Soni has revealed that Moto X will indeed be getting Android L update, when released by Google. He did not specify any other details but given Motorola’s past track record, it shouldn’t take time much time after the stable Android L code-release by Google later this year.

To remind you, Android L is the upcoming next version of Android. It was previewed by Google at the I/O 2014 developer conference and includes a number of changes, mainly on the design front, over the Android 4.4 KitKat.

Moto X was originally released in August last year with Android 4.2.2 on-board and has since got the Android 4.4 update (after skipping Android 4.3). Motorola had promised that it will providing Android updates for its phones for 18 months and given the fact that Moto X had just gotten one-year-old, it is not surprising that Motorola will be providing Android L for the phone.

There is still no official word on the fate of Moto G and Moto E smartphones, which should also get the Android L update.

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  1. Seeing that 4.4.4 Update is proving to be a battery drainer, I might as well upgrade my Moto X from 4.4.2 to Android L instead updating to 4.4.4.

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