Google releases revamped News and Weather app in Google Play

Google News and WeatherGoogle’s News and Weather app, which comes bundled with all Android devices, is finally getting the much-needed attention. The app has stayed the same since the Gingerbread days but the search giant has now released in Google Play along with a huge revamp.

The whole interface of the application has been tweaked to bring it in-line with other Google properties. The app now includes the slide-out navigation, which gives quick access to various Google News sections and allows you to quick switch between Google accounts. The add or remove news sections option as well as help & feedback links are also present in the navigation. The secondary menu present on the top-right corner of the app allows the users to manually refresh the content, change Google News edition or manage news sections.

The Headline screen now houses the weather forecast for your location as well as the top stories. You can swipe left to access other news sections.  The weather data is more detailed than the previous version and the extended forecast can be accessed by tapping on a particular day.

Among other changes, the 3×1 news and weather widget seems to have been killed and two new widgets have been introduced in the new version. You can now choose between a 4×1 or 2×3 widgets.

The new Google News and Weather v2.0 is compatible with all Android devices running on Android 4.0 or above and can be grabbed for free from Google Play.Google News and Weather


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