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Asus teases smartwatch ahead of IFA reveal

Asus smartwatch teaserThanks to plenty of statements from Asus executives till now, we already knew that the company had an Android Wear smartwatch in the works and even suspected that it will be arriving at IFA trade fair next month. Now, the company has made the impending announcement official by teasing it on social media.

The official teaser notes that the announcement is due for September 3, so there you go guys, you will have another Android Wear smartwatch to choose from in the coming weeks.  The exact branding of the device is still unclear.

As per the reports until now, Asus Smartwatch is expected to be cheaper than the existing lot and will have an AMOLED display. Asus claims to have put a lot of thought in the device and notes it is going to better than the competitor watches.

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