Asus, Sony & Samsung to unveil new wearables at IFA: Reports

Sony SmartWatch Silver Metal
Sony Smartwatch

Wearables might not be a huge market right now but that hasn’t deterred the manufacturers from pursuing it. Online reports indicate that Asus, Sony and Samsung will be unveiling new wearable devices at the upcoming IFA trade fair in Berlin.

Starting with Sony first, the company is likely to showcase Smartwatch 3 at the event alongside Xperia Z3. The smartwatch will be based on the company’s own platform, which is compatible with Android devices. A post in Digi-Wo suggests that the watch will have a square frame, better display resolution than the last-generation, new transreflective screen, and Wi-Fi support. The wearable is said to be capable of working as a standalone device.

Coming to Samsung, it is reportedly working on a new smartwatch called Gear Solo, which like Sony’s SmartWatch 3, is also rumoured to be a standalone device. Gear Solo has been leaked multiple times until now, so its existence is pretty much confirmed but the exact details are still unclear. The watch will run on Tizen and include a SIM card slot to support cellular connectivity.

Lastly, Asus will be unveiling its first Android Wear device at the fair, which is expected to be priced aggressively but it is on-par with other Android Wear devices.  Asustek CEO Jerry Shen recently stated at an investor conference that Asus smartwatch has been well-received by Google and the new watch looks better than competitors’ products but comes with a relatively low price tag.


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