Android market share touches 85pc as Xiaomi joins top five vendors: SA

Smartphone shipments in Q2, 2014While the growth in overall smartphone market might be slowing, Android is not hitting any breaks. According to the latest research from Strategy Analytics, Android captured 84.6 percent of the smartphone market share in the second quarter of this year, up from 80.2 percent during the same period last year.

“Android’s domination of global smartphone shipments reached a new peak in Q2 2014, with an impressive 85 percent of all smartphones now running Google’s OS. Android’s gain came at the expense of every major rival platform,” said Woody Oh, Director at Strategy Analytics.

Strategy Analytics report also notes that the overall smartphone market grew 27 percent in Q2, 2014 and the total shipments were 295.2 million units, compared by 49 percent growth in Q2, 2013 and 233 million shipments.

Among the smartphone vendors, Samsung continued to be the top smartphone vendor but lost 1.5 percent market share in the last quarter. All other vendors grew during period including the likes of Xiaomi, which showed remarkable rise and its market share jumped from 1.8 percent during Q2, 2013 to 5.1 percent in Q2, 2014.

“Xiaomi was the star performer in the quarter, capturing a record 5 percent marketshare and rising into fifth place in the global smartphone rankings for the first time ever. Xiaomi’s Android smartphone models are wildly popular in the Chinese market and it shifts millions of them every quarter through its extensive online and operator channels,” noted Woody Oh.Smartphone vendors in Q2, 2014

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