100 million Android owners use our web browsers: Opera

Opera for AndroidIndia houses biggest Opera user-base

Opera has announced that 100 million active Android users are now reaching the web using its browsers with India leading the user-base. According the company, the user-base has doubled in the last one year.

“We are working hard to make fast, secure and easy-to-use web browsers, and I am very happy that we now have over 100 million smartphone customers around the world,” said Lars Boilesen, CEO at Opera Software in a statement.

Opera notes that after India, most of its users come from China, Indonesia, Russia and Mexico – all other major mobile markets in the world.

The company has also revealed that its data-saving Opera Mini browser is most popular among the consumers, followed by the Chrome and Firefox for Android competitor Opera for Android.

The lack of faster internet connectivity at all places in countries like India points to why Opera Mini has such a huge following. Also, as most of these consumers are coming from feature phones, they are familiar with the browser as it also exists on feature phone platforms like Java or now dead Symbian.

Among other browsers, Opera is getting huge competition from UB Browser, which currently claims to have over 300 million Android users and is leading the India and China markets, which are also the two main markets for Opera.


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