Samsung revamps its app store, dubs it as Galaxy Apps

Samsung GALAXY AppsAfter making the branding changes on the web store front, Samsung has now rolled-out a revamped device client for its app store on the Galaxy devices around the world. Dubbed as Galaxy Apps, it is an attempt from the company to direct more eyes to its own app store.

Samsung has been bundling the app store on its Android devices for a long time but despite being present on around 130 million devices, the store has hardly seen any uptake.  With Galaxy Apps, Samsung plans to change that.

“At Samsung, we continuously strive to create value for our customers by providing differentiated solutions and services coupled with innovative devices. Samsung GALAXY Apps is an extension of that promise, as it offers our customers exclusive apps to enrich their experience,” said WonPyo Hong, President of the Media Solution Center at Samsung Electronics.

According to Samsung, Galaxy Apps features hundreds of exclusive apps and will offer greater customization and various promotions and discounts to users of Samsung Galaxy mobile devices.

The revamped app store includes three sections – Best Picks, Top and For Galaxy.Samsung GALAXY Apps

“Best Picks allows users to easily find recommended apps and promotions, while Top showcases the most popular apps which can be viewed according to their popularity, date, and price. For Galaxy includes up to four sections. Galaxy Gifts offers premium apps exclusively for Galaxy devices. Galaxy Essentials delivers must-have apps for Galaxy devices. Apps for Professionals is the home of business focused apps and other services that fully utilize the features of Galaxy devices. Galaxy Specials lets users download apps specifically created by using Samsung SDKs,” Samsung explained in a blog post.

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