Xiaomi details after-sales service support options for Indian consumers

Xiaomi India service supportBeing a new entrant in the Indian market, every consumer is worried about the after-sales service support of Xiaomi. To alleviate these concerns, the company on Tuesday revealed the details of its service centre network in the country as well as future plans regarding the same.

According to Xiaomi, it has set up a total of 36 service centres across 20 major Indian cities and plans to expand the number in the coming months. Out of these 36 centres, two centres – Arjun Nagar, New Delhi and Koramangala, Bangalore – are the Xiaomi exclusive service centres, which will be run by the company itself. Rest service centres are actually multi-brand with which Xiaomi has partnered with.

Xiaomi claims that the company exclusive service centres will have a two-hour turnaround time for consumer problems. You can check out the full list of service centres below or at this link.

The company has also set-up a hotline for Xiaomi consumers (including the prospective ones) at 1800-103-6286. The consumers will also have access to web chat support at mi.com. Xiaomi India service support



  1. Hi, very keen to buy Redmi. But having second thoughts as there are no service centres in Mumbai. I tried the given nos but the nos are not working. Sadly Gaurav Shukla has also not been responding. Pls help


      • its charging port, motherboard sucks, also with heating problems.. and after sale service is bad…even phone parts r not available.. my phone is in service center from more than a month.


  2. I have had bad experience wth mi4 service centre…….pls all people beware of this centre they dont help infect cheat u.i sent my phone to check a problem for not getting charge…..service centre at dadar opend d piece n quoted a price 6400 saying d hard disc is spoil n other part has to get changed & i will get pc back by 1st may. …i got my pc back took my other repairing person he said ill change ur charging pin n took 600 rs.he opend showed tht its just dust wch u hv been told rusted….this people want to earn money &dont want to do thingz in warrenty periods so they talk all rubbish n cheat innocent people.pls beware…..


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