Google brings Play Movies info cards to all supported countries

Google Play Movies info cardsGoogle has announced that it is expanding the access to information cards in Google Play Movies app to all countries, where Play Movies are currently available.  The info cards were earlier only accessible to the users in US and UK markets.

“Have you ever wondered “What’s the name of that actor?” or “Where have I seen him before?” Now, when you pause a supported movie on your tablet, you’ll see info cards for the actors on screen and any music playing. You can then add their related movies to your Google Play wishlist, get the soundtrack, or search Google to discover even more about the actors or film,” Google explained.

According to Google, Info cards are compatible with devices running on Android 4.0 and above and are only visible when movies are paused. The company adds that the only a limited number of movies and TV shows currently support info cards. To check if a video has info cards, go to a video’s detail page on Google Play and look under “Additional information” to see if Info cards Info cards are listed.

How to use info cards to identify actors or to discover music

  • When watching select full-length movies and TV shows, touch your screen to pause playback and learn more about the actors visible on-screen.  When a video with info cards is paused, identified actors will have a circle around their faces. You can find other movies and shows an actor has been in and learn more about them.
  • To identify songs being played in a movie or TV show, touch your screen to pause playback while the song is being played. If the song is identified, cards will show the song’s title, artist, along with where you can download the song, album, or soundtrack on Google Play.

To remind you, Google Play Movies are currently available in 69 countries including India, UK, UK, Canada, Japan, and South Korea.

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