Moto E is back in stock at Flipkart (Update)

Update (June 17): We will no longer be updating this post as frequnecy of Moto E stock has increased and if you are looking for the phone, you can head over to Flipkart (links given at the end of the report) and you will probably find it in stock.

Update (June 16: 06:15PM): The phone has gone out of stock once again. We expect it to return on June 17 at around 12 – 12:30PM..

Update (June 16: 12:05PM): Moto E is back in stock. You can order now. Relevant links are listed at the end of the report.

Update (June 15: 07:45PM): Both White and Black versions of Moto E are out of stock again.

Update (June 15 12:50PM): Moto E is back on sale at Flipkart. You can order now.

Update (June 13: 09:30PM): Moto E is out of stock once again. We hope to see it back in the stock very soon.

Update (June 13: 3PM): Moto E is back on sale at Flipkart.

Update (June 12: 5PM): Moto E is out of stock once again.

Update (June 12: 12 noon): Moto E is back in stock at Flipkart. Previous stock related updates removed as they serve no purpose.

Earlier (May 23): As promised, Flipkart has resumed Moto E sales. The e-retailer has however warned that only a limited stock of 20,000 units is available, so you will have to hurry otherwise who knows how long this stock is going to last.

Originally introduced on May 13 in India, the Moto E is priced at INR 6,999 and comes with an impressive set of specifications. The phone was released on May 14 in the country via Flipkart but was sold out in just 17 hours. The e-retailer later started accepting reservations for the phone but even back-orders were closed after 24 hours. Moto E has since been out of stock at the website and is returning after almost a week.

Although the exact number of Moto E unit sales in the country is unknown at this point but according to the estimates from import data website, Flipkart has shipped over 1 lakh units of Moto E since the launch (over 50K as a part of the launch day sales and around the same number as the part of back-order sales). This is a pretty significant number for any smartphone to sell in just a matter of one week in India.

Moto E has been getting rave reviews from all over. It is a clear step-up from feature-phones and is the perfect device for any first-time smartphone buyer with a tight budget. The phone comes with 4.3-inch qHD display, 1GB of RAM and Android 4.4. It is powered by 1.2GHz dual-core Snapdragon 200 processor and features 5MP rear camera, 1980 mAh battery, 3G, dual-SIM support, 4GB of internal storage and microSD card slot. The phone also includes usual connectivity options, Corning Gorilla Glass and splash-resistant nano-coating.

Here are the relevant links to order Moto E from Flipkart: Moto E White version, and Moto E Black version.

Thanks Arun


  1. i couldn’t order. the cart was always empty. something is wrong. i can’t believe 0000 units were sold out in less than an hour.


  2. i couldn’t order. the cart was always empty. something is wrong. i can’t believe 20000 units were sold out in less than an hour.


  3. Just fake its flipkart doesnt allow people to order them tried every single second for an hour hut was not able to place the order always server down
    Its an act of flipkart to black market the phone


  4. At least flipkart is too maintain their site first, stupid ordering features. #unmanageable #Stupidity #ShittyServer


  5. Frustrated with flipkart site i kept checking the site from 11:05 only but could not

    order, after one hour showing out of stock !!! Something fishy here.


  6. Flipkart will now bring phone back to the stock. specially when micromax has announced the launch of micromax unit 2 mobile with same feature. Wait and watch.


      • i already done that balvinder but when i show my mail and get flipkart site then again i show that phone is out of stock again ………by the way thanks for information


  7. any idea when is the new stock of moto E is really hard to stay online just to get a mail from flipkart about the availability of stock. and when we see the mail and connect to the site it is out of stock again..
    need help..


  8. finally placed an order after 3 weeks. if it wasn’t for this site, i’d still be getting late again and again


  9. the filp cart notification by mail doesn’t seems to work (thanks to which i missed the yesterday’s stock) is there any other way to get notified…??


  10. MK how can I contact u ??
    I need ur help bcz every time I am missing a chance to order moto e so plz kindly help me!


  11. Had placed an order at 3:45 pm yesterday. Today got an sms saying the money has been refunded at 2:40 pm. Highly disappointed. Flipkart doesn’t seem to know the reason. 😦


  12. does anybody have any idea when teh black model will be available??as of now i can see only the white one…Should i go for the white one instead??


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