With latest update, Google Now remembers where you parked your car

Google Now Parking location cardIn its bid to make Google Now the perfect companion, Google has added several useful tweaks to the functionality in the latest update for Google Search app on Android.

This update introduces the Parking location card in Google Now, which will remind the users where they had parked their car. The card even keeps track of the previous parking locations.

“You can use Google Now to find the approximate location of your parked car. You’ll see parking location cards if driving is your main mode of transportation in Google Now,” Google describes in the support section of Google Now.

Google will notify the approximate location of your car with this card and it might not be as useful as it sounds because we don’t see it helping you find your car in a covered parking lot, or for that matter in any parking lot. The functionality might come in handy when you had parked your car in front of a store in a market and forgot the store name.

Coming to other changes in Google Now, Google has revamped the reminders interface and won’t clear your existing Google Now cards when you go offline as it used to do until now.

Full Change-log below

  • New Parking location card
  • Revamped Reminders interface
  • Centralized list for nicknames under Accounts & privacy in Google Now setting
  • ‘Help’ and ‘Send feedback’ links merged to ‘Help & feedback’
  • Offline mode no longer clears all cards
  • Open some settings by voice

The update is rolling-out in phases and will reach your Android device over the next few days.

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