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Google Play Movies go live in Philippines, Belgium, Switzerland & Uganda

Google Play Movies Google has announced that it has expanded the availability of Play Movies to four new markets today. The countries just getting the Play Movies are Philippines, Belgium, Switzerland, and Uganda.

With the latest expansion, Google Play Movies are now accessible in a total of 69 markets across the globe. It is the second most-widely available Google Play content type after Android apps.

This announcement comes just a day after Google started selling paid Google Play Newsstand content in France and Germany. It is nice to see the search giant actively expand the availability of Google Play content in different parts of the world, however it is still a long road ahead.

Here is a look at the current availability of various Google Play content types

  • Play Movies: 69 countries
  • Play TV Shows: 4 shows
  • Play Music: 26 countries
  • Play Music All Access: 26 countries
  • Play Newsstand (Paid content): 7 countries
  • Play Books: 44 countries

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