Coloured Motorola back covers for Moto E go on sale at Flipkart

Motorola Shells for Moto EOver a week after Moto E initially went on sale in the Indian market, e-retailer Flipkart has started selling the coloured Motorola back covers (also known as Motorola Shells) for the phone. Available in a variety of colour options like Chaulk, Raspberry, Turquoise, Violet, Lemon Lime, Royal Blue, Spearmint, Cherry and Licorice, the covers have been priced at INR 899.

At the time of writing this post, four of the colour options Royal Blue, Spearmint, Cherry and Licorice were “out of stock,” so if you plan to grab a back cover for your Moto E, head over to Flipkart now to order one now or you might have to wait a long time.

For those of you, who purchased the Moto E on the launch day, you will soon receive an email from Flipkart regarding the purchase of discounted back covers. Follow the instructions from that email to grab your discounted Motorola Shell for Moto E.

Coming to the Moto E stock situation, Flipkart is still not taking new orders for Moto E but according to Motorola India, we can expect to see the phone back in stock early next week.

Update: Flipkart has now announced that Moto E will be back in stock at 11AM, May 23.
Update 2: Moto E is back in stock at Flipkart.

Source: Flipkart



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