XOLO to release Android 4.4 update for Q700S, Q1010i, Q1010 & Q3000

XOLO logoWithin days of rolling out Android 4.4.2 for Q1000 Opus, XOLO has announced that it will soon release the Android 4.4.2 KitKat update for more smartphones. The XOLO phones, which are confirmed to get the KitKat update, are Q700S, Q1010i, Q1010, and Q3000.

According to XOLO, the KitKat update for these phones will be rolled-out by June. So, in the next one and a half months, the update will reach the given XOLO Android phones.

The company has not provided any change-log for the upcoming updates but the XOLO users can expect to see the usual KitKat goodies like better multitasking and memory management, immersive mode, Hangouts app with support for SMS/ MMS, improved dialler and downloads apps and more. The updates will be released either over-the-air or via a direct download from the XOLO website.

In related news, the smartphone vendor has also revealed that it will be launching a few KitKat powered smartphones in the coming month. It has not provided any details about these smartphones.


  1. Xolo has posted this news on it’s website under press release, however after some days they removed it. It seems they just fooled the customer to sell these phones and later back tracked it after receiving numerous complaints on Q1000opus update which was a blunder.


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