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Google Play gift cards reach Austria, Italy, Spain & Switzerland

Google Play Gift cardsGoogle has released the Google Play gift cards in four new European markets – Austria, Italy, Spain & Switzerland. With the latest round of expansion, Google Play gift cards are now available in a total of 13 countries with Asia being the least represented continent.

The consumers in the four European countries will be able to grab gift cards from major retailers, the information about which can be obtained from the links given on the Google support page for Google Play gift cards.

Google is selling the gift cards in 15 €, 25 € and 50 € denominations in Austria, Italy and Spain, however they are available in 30 CHF, 50 CHF and 100 CHF denominations in Switzerland.

There is no word on when the gift cards are expected to reach more markets but if Google’s recent efforts to expand the availability of Google Play content and gifts cards is any indication, we should see the next round of expansion in the next few weeks.

To remind you, Google Play gift cards are not only decent gift items for friends and family with a new Android device but also allow consumers without access to credit cards or carrier billing to buy paid stuff from Google Play.

One thought on “Google Play gift cards reach Austria, Italy, Spain & Switzerland

  1. The day it reaches India, it will become a super dooper hit for sure… Because there are soo many people in India without or NOT ready to use Credit cards in India for online purchases…

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