Samsung Galaxy S5 pre-orders begin March 28 in UK

Samsung Galaxy S5No Galaxy S5 sales on launch day by KT and SKT telcos in South Korea

Samsung UK has announced that the consumers will be able to pre-order Galaxy S5 beginning March 28. The company today sent out a press release noting that this upcoming flagship will be available for pre-orders at selected retailers, Samsung’s e-store and the Stratford Westfield Experience Store.

“We wanted to give our customers in the UK the chance to get their hands on the next generation of our Galaxy S smartphone as soon as possible by giving them the option to pre-order. With the Galaxy S5, we’ve very much focused on the features that our customers want and will use the most on a day to day basis, and look forward to hearing what they think when they get their new device,” said Simon Stanford, Vice President of IT & Mobile division, Samsung Electronics UK & Ireland.

To remind you, the actual sales of the phone begin April 11 in major smartphone markets across the world.

Korea carrier sales ban

On the other hand, Samsung Galaxy S5 sales will suffer on the launch day in its home country South Korea as two of the top telecom operators in the country won’t be able to sell the phone. Apparently, all telecom operators in the country are being penalised for breaching local laws for subsiding phones more than the set standards.

The smartphone sales ban will be in effect for various periods between 13 March and 19 May, however unluckily for Samsung, the sales ban period will be live for KT and SKT on April 11, which is the launch day. The third telecom operator LG U+ will be able to sell the phone on the day but is barred during 27 April to 18 May period.

It is important to note here that this ban effects all smartphones and not just Galaxy S5. (Source)

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