China, Phones gets 1 million pre-orders for Nokia X in China (Updated)

Nokia X China pre-orders

Update:Turns out, these are not pre-orders but merely registrations for the phone. Apparantly anyone can register for the phone without the obligation to actually buy the phone as there is no pre-payment involved. Much ado about nothing!

Earlier: Nokia has announced on Weibo that Chinese e-retailer, which is exclusively taking pre-orders for Nokia X Android smartphone in the country, has got 1 million pre-orders for the phone in just four days. The pre-order process was started on March 10 in China and will continue until March 23. The shipments are set to begin on March 24.

Given no official availability of Google Android applications or Google Play in China, Nokia’s X Android smartphone is no different from other Android phone in the country. Also, is offering the phone at just 599 yuan (INR 5,960) during the pre-order process, the actual price is also pretty decent – 699 yuan (INR 6,999).

This aggressive pricing coupled with the overall absence of Google apps from the market have resulted in this response for the phone.

Originally unveiled at Mobile World Congress, Nokia X is a budget Android phone and comes with features like 4-inch WVGA display, dual-core processor, 512MB of RAM, dual-SIM support and Nokia X Platform (based on Android 4.1.2).

In related news, Nokia X is now available at various e-retailers in the Indian market for INR 8,499. This big difference in the pricing of Nokia X in India and China will be reason why Nokia X won’t be a huge hit in the former.Nokia X China

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