Now see Jet Airways flight status updates via Google Now

Jet Airways Google NowIndian airline operator Jet Airways has announced that it has integrated Google Now into its booking system, so the travelers booking their flights via and the Jet Airways mobile apps will get flight status updates and more information via Google Now on their smartphone.

“Jet Airways guests who make a booking through or the Jet Airways Mobile App and indicate/sync their Gmail address in the booking will be able to view travel information in Google Now several hours before their flight departure. Information includes updates on their flight schedule, and the airport terminal for their flight. This information is automatically updated in Google Now,” Jet Airways noted in a press release.

“With the increased focus on technology to enhance our guests travel experience, the integration of Google Now provides us the opportunity to present guests with customized and relevant information in a seamless and user friendly format. We hope our guests benefit from this efficient application designed to simplify and enhance their travel,” said Gaurang Shetty, Senior Vice President – Commercial, Jet Airways.

As far as we know Jet Airways is the first airline operator in the country to have included the necessary markup in its flight booking confirmation emails, which can be used by Google to display the relevant Google Now cards. Yes, the integration with Google Now basically means including FlightReservation schema in the reservation confirmation emails, so that Google has all the information in a standardized form. More information about the same can be found at this link.

We are little surprised why Indian airline operators are taking so long to integrate Google Now in their own booking systems, as it can be a very useful feature for commuters.


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