Xiaomi is looking closely at India: Hugo Barra

Sets up International HQ in Singapore

Xiaomi held a press event in Singapore earlier today to unveil its Redmi and Mi3 smartphones for the market. At this event, the company executives revealed some key details about their future plans.

Hugo Barra, who is the VP of Xiaomi Global and oversees the international expansion of the company, stated that Xiaomi is looking closely at India as it expands further in Asia. According to Barra, the company is actively looking for partners in the country to release its products but didn’t give any exact schedule for the India debut of Xiaomi.

In addition to India, Xiaomi is also looking to expand in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. These four markets could very well be the next countries, where Xiaomi starts its operations.

In related news, Xiaomi has also announced that it is establishing its International Headquarter in Singapore. The company will coordinate all its International activities including the launch of future products from the Singapore HQ. Barra will still be staying In Beijing and oversee the operations from there.

The international expansion will play a key role in achieving the company’s 2014 sales target of 40 million smartphones. The company President Lin Bin told WSJ in an interview that the only limitation he sees in achieving this target, is how fast Xiaomi can make phones.  The company sold 18.7 million phones last year.

“I believe what we achieved last year means we can get to 40 million phones this year. This is something that we are working hard with suppliers to make happen,” Lin told WSJ.

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