Valentine’s Day Android apps for you

Valentine's Day Android apps Valentine’s Day is here and if you are celebrating, why not take a little help from the piece of technology in your hand. Yes, I am talking about your Android smartphone. As you can expect, Google Play is filled with several Valentine’s Day related applications. To help you avoid scouring the entire Google Play, here is a list of five apps that should make the day of love even more special for you and your partner.

Love Messages

Starting with messages. Old-school or new, love messages have a place in everyone’s Valentine’s Day celebrations and the Love Messages will help you with them.

The apps suggests all types of messages varying from romantic, valentine, Ascii love icons, good morning, good night, love quotes, sorry, love anniversary, love story, love fact, love poems, love advice, love SMS and more. This is not all, it also allows you to share them using in-built Android sharing function.

Love Quotes

Didn’t like Love Messages, Want another application! Here is one app, which offers similar functionality but is more niche. It will only provide you with love quotes and messages.

Love Test Calculator

Next up is a testing app. Not sure about your chemistry with your partner, maybe this app with help. Use Love Test Calculator to find if you are compatible with your partner. The app does a lot more, discover all that by downloading it using the link below.


A little late in buying something for you partner and in a hurry to get something unique, Fancy will come to your rescue. The app not only includes a store but it is also a great spot for discovering new stuff.  On Fancy, you can buy stuff from a crowd-curated catalogue of amazing goods.

What’s even better that it supports Bitcoin. So, you can use some of those Bitcoins that you have been hoarding until now.


Looking for a special and private to remain in touch with your valentine, try out Couple. This very popular app offers a private messaging experience, which can be enhanced using video, audio, photos, and stickers, all supported on Couple. You can even Thumbkiss, not sure if you would want to do that but it is there.

In addition, the app includes features like share to-do lists, reminders, make phone calls, send messages, share your location, suggest places to go out to on dates nights, and more.

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