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HTC India releases Android 4.4 KitKat for One dual-SIM, One mini and Max

HTC India has announced that Android 4.4 KitKat update is now available for HTC One dual-SIM, One Mini and One Max smartphones the country.  It has already been released for HTC One single-SIM model.

There is no official change-log available but the update is expected to include KitKat specific goodies like immersive mode, cloud-print support, updated version of Hangouts app with SMS & MMS integration as well as improved version of Blinkfeed and performance enhancements.

Update: HTC has revealed a small change-log on its Facebook page, which reveals that the update also includes better multi-tasking, 25GB of free Google Drive storage, and better disk encryption.

If you own any of the above smartphones, you will automatically receive a notification of the update availability, however you can also manually trigger the update by going to Settings << About Phone << Software updates.

It is important to note here that all the updates are released in phases, so not everyone will get the KitKat OTA right-away.

This news is a pleasant surprise as we had very recently heard about KitKat release for One Mini and One Max in March and April in North America and were not expecting the roll-out to begin so-soon in other regions.

With the release of this update, all One-series smartphones released in 2013 have got Android 4.4 and we now expect the company to shift its focus to other smartphones like Butterfly and Desire-series.

If you have already updated your smartphone, do let us know about the experience in comments.

25 thoughts on “HTC India releases Android 4.4 KitKat for One dual-SIM, One mini and Max

  1. I saw an update available. The update is of 833 mb, quite big to dig in 3G data. Will download on wifi. Will update again after installation

      1. Yes u can use both GSM/GSM or GSM/CDMA in HTC one dual SIM Phone (802d) first SIM slot u can use CDMA/GSM both & second SIM slot u can use only GSM. (Currently i am using GSM in both d slot)

  2. Honestly, dont see much change other than the Blinkfeed off option….. Just got the 4.4.2 update yesterday for my HTC One dual sim

  3. The update is only 330 mb. Not 700. Also I suppose the 700 mb is the 4.3 update for which you need to soft reset your phone before updating.

  4. Yesterday I was seen kitkat update on my phone. Today it’s not there…any timelines for update our phone…. Or I missed it.

  5. Now updated and there is a major issue after update the is no “Vibration” & not “Move” any file from phone to SD Card by any third Party Application Disappointed

  6. have upated my one mini but the thing is that its showing htc sense version 5.5 but the android version as 4.3

  7. Got update last night for HTC one dual sim.. No changes in user interface but the speed is increased…

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