After sell-out, Flipkart taking reservations for Moto G 16GB version

With extended shipping period

After going out of stock within 15 minutes of opening 16GB Moto G orders for the first time and then in one hour the second time, Flipkart is officially left with no Moto G 16GB stock. The retailer has thus decided to open reservations for the 16GB version.

Flipkart wants interested buyers to book their Moto G 16GB units to avoid last minute rush, in case the next stock too goes poof within a matter of hours. It will also give the company an idea of the demand, which it clearly has under-estimated.Moto G 16GB Reservations

The retailer is giving an expected shipping time of 10-20 days. So, if you book a Moto G 16GB version now, your order will probably reach your doorstep around the last week of this month.

The 8GB version is still in stock and if you don’t need too much storage, you might want to grab it to avoid the unnecessary waiting period but be sure about it. To give you an idea, around 5.5GB of free space is available for app installation or media storage in the 8GB version, while you will get around 13.5GB free space in 16GB variant.

Sales estimate

We have carefully studied the import data and found that Flipkart has imported (yes, Flipkart is importing Moto G directly as there are no distributors involved) three shipments of Moto G until now.

As a part of these shipments, Flipkart has got a total of 10,900 units of 16GB version and 14,600 units of 8GB. As we already know that 16GB is totally out of stock, so Flipkart has sold out the entire stock of 10,900 (+/- some units).

We however don’t have a clear idea about 8GB sales as the version is still in stock with the e-retailer but when Flipkart had initially opened the sales of Moto G, it had got only two out of three shipments of Moto G, thus the quick sell-out. The third shipment cleared customs next morning and was put for sale around noon, which had 4,800 units of 8GB version (of the total 14,600 it received). So, if the first two shipments of Moto G were indeed sold out within an hour of putting them on sale at midnight, Flipkart has at least sold 9,800 units of 8GB version.

From our calculations (it is important to note that these are out calculation and not the official data), we have gathered that Flipkart has most probably sold a total of 10,900 units of 16GB version and 9,800 units of 8GB version till now, out of which the 16GB units were sold out in just over an hour.

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