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Microsoft might allow Android apps to run on Windows: Report

Android apps on Windows
A screenshot showing Temple Run Android version running on Windows 8 using BlueStacks.

An interesting news story has appeared today on The Verge, which notes that Microsoft is considering to allow Android apps on Windows and Windows Phone platforms.

The discussions around the topic are said to be in their early stages at Microsoft and the company’s new CEO Satya Nadella will probably have to take a decision on it.

According to The Verge, there are two fractions inside Microsoft, one believes that the company should allow Android apps to run inside its platforms to fill the app deficit, while the other fraction thinks that it won’t be a wise choice and will only lead to the death of Windows platform altogether.

If Microsoft goes ahead with its plan, it will probably be using a virtualisation layer like Bluestacks’ solution to run Android applications on Windows and will provide the apps via its own store.

“The company wants to enable Android apps on Windows and control the store that consumers download them from, but it’s unlikely that it will want to handle the complex job of supporting an additional platform. Instead, if such a plan goes ahead, it will likely involve a third-party enabler,” writes Tom Warren of The Verge.

No specific details are available at this point because the planning is in very early stage and the company will probably take a decision after careful considerations as it is going to be a very radical move.

We believe that Microsoft will be keeping a close eye on the performance of Nokia’s upcoming Android smartphone, which is expected to be announced at Mobile World Congress this month. While the phone might not be taking the approach, which Microsoft plans to take with Windows Phone and Android apps, its performance will give the company some sense into what might work with consumers.

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