Amazon’s TV box is coming in March: Report

A Samsung Smart TV running Amazon Instant Video. Television connected to rumoured Kindle TV sert-top box might come with similar UI
A Samsung Smart TV running Amazon Instant Video. Televisions connected to rumoured Amazon TV set-top box might look like this.

According to a report in Re/Code, Amazon is ready with its long-rumoured TV-box and is planning a March roll-out of the device. As you can expect, the box will allow consumers to stream Amazon’s vast and growing library of video content and do more.

“Industry sources say Amazon is getting ready to launch a Web TV box that would compete with Apple TV and Roku’s line of products, which make it easy to move video from the Internet onto your TV. People I’ve talked to who are partnering with Amazon believe the company is aiming for a March rollout,” wrote Peter Kafka of Re/Code.

According to Kafka, Amazon’s TV box will be powered by Android, similar to the company’s Kindle Fire tablets; however he was not able to confirm whether the TV box will also act as a casual gaming console, which tooo is in development as per some reports.

As Android gives the required freedom to Amazon to put functions of both devices in a single product, we won’t be surprised if it is only one product. Also, it will make more sense to offer one product with several features, so that consumers see the value for money perspective and buy the device.

To remind you, Amazon currently offers three Kindle Fire tablets, two of which are premium devices, while the third one is a budget product. Despite the features, all tablets are sold at little or no-margin by the company, which uses the tablets as the future source of revenue. It is likely to keep the same business model with TV-box, which will most probably be very cheap.


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