Samsung Galaxy S5 could get a lower price-tag than predecessors

Samsung Galaxy S5Samsung is planning to price its latest flagship smartphone Galaxy S5 lower than how it priced the predecessor at launch, report ZDnet Korea. This is not the first time we are hearing about these plans, even Bloomberg reported last week that Samsung was in talks with telecom operators to get the Galaxy S5 price-down.

Given the not-so-earthshattering specifications of S5, it seems plausible that Samsung will be able to price it lower than how it priced Galaxy S4 or even S3 at launch. The comparably lower number of Galaxy S4 sales have made Samsung realise that it can’t get the consumers just by getting specifications up every time. These are some hard times in smartphone arena, on one hand, we are seeing specifications race and on the other hand, the smartphone prices are going down like anything. Manufacturers like Xiaomi and Huawei have forced Samsung to find a middle ground between specs and pricing.

Now, we just have to wait until March-end, when the pricing of Galaxy S5 will become clear and we will know whether the sources of ZDnet Korea and Bloomberg are right or not. We believe they are right as there has been a trend so far – low-key announcement, no heavy-duty specs, no gimmicky software junk, it is all building up to a comparatively lower-priced Galaxy S5.

Just imagine what Samsung could do with all the marketing muscle and a lower pricing for Galaxy S5, sales would just explode but all this is just a theory at this moment. What are your thoughts, let me know in comments.


  1. Yeah, read this on BGR earlier today. Seems to be a trend. Prices of smartphones seems to be on a downhill spiral thankfully. It’s becoming nonviable – with so much competition around to keep pricing phones at 7-800 dollars a pop. Unless you’re Apple of course, in which case their dumb loaded fanbois don’t reall care much.

    You need a killer exclusive feature to be able to charge a premium. Otherwise, GTFO. SS seems to have realized it after the comparatively lukewarm response to the S4 and hence are looking to sell $h!tloads of their new flagship. Hopefully now, the price reduction is going to have a cascading effect on the mid to lower end as well 🙂


  2. OR this can be a prep for the “F” series .. lower price point for “S” series and add the bling (read Metal Body, OIS & other stuff) to “F1” & price it sky high !!!


  3. First things first, Sammy has NOT changed design in S4, ie S4 is looking like S3. Thats why even with huge spec jump, S4 didn’t do well (another reason is its high price).

    Now S5 is even worse… Its looking like that, back of S4 has got Chicken Pox… Ridiculous design from world’s largest smartphone maker. Atleast the fake leather back with fake stitching effect on Note3 is looking good.

    Finally, I don’t believe Sammy will launch S5 at reasonable price. Even they launched Grand2 at higher price, imho… So I don’t believe Sammy has learnt a lesson…


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