Moto G goes on pre-order at Snapdeal, sold out within two hours

Looks like Moto G isn’t going to be Flipkart-exclusive for a long time. The phone earlier today appeared on on pre-order with an expected shipping in February third week.

Set to be launched on Feb 5 (i.e. tomorrow) in the country, Moto G will be available immediately on Flipkart and is expected to remain exclusive to the site for the first two weeks. Following which, it will go on sale at other e-retailers including Snapdeal.

Back to Snapdeal pre-orders, they were sold out in just two hours, revealed the e-retailer in a press release just now. The main reason of this quick sell-out was the limited number units put for booking – just 1000. More units are expected to be available when the Moto G will go on sale at Snapdeal and other e-retailers in the third week of this month.

In related news, we can now confirm that Motorola is only introducing the dual-SIM version of phone in India (at least initially). The phone will most likely be priced at around INR 13,000 for the 8GB model and INR 14,500 for the 16GB model.

According to import data, Motorola has imported 5,600 units of 8GB Moto G and 5,000 units of the 16GB version for launch. All these units will be available at Flipkart tomorrow but expect a huge rush, so if you plan to purchase the phone, be ready to order it as soon as it is available. We will be at the launch event and will bring you guys all the details.

PS: Don’t worry about the limited number of Moto G units, more units are expected in the coming days.


  1. it says on snapdeal the package contains a charger and headset also, if that’s true then its a good deal at 14.5k 🙂


    • indian or more like Asian moto G will ship with charger & headset else most (irrespective of how many unused chargers are lying around) will immediately start shouting and post -ve comments all over forums & flipkart page.


  2. simply wait for single sim version. dual sim = little to no direct support from Cyanogenmod or other modding teams. also 16GB single sim should cost same as 8GB dual sim.


    • I am quite sure that we can flash CyanogenMod for dual sim too, except the fact it wont be a dual sim and it will function as single sim. Given the fact that MotoG is releasing dual sim in many major markets ,CM guys might release a dual sim CM version too.


  3. “The phone will most likely be priced at around INR 13,000 for the 8GB model and INR 14,500 for the 16GB model.”



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