Samsung TouchWiz update might bring Google Now like information cards

A new TouchWiz UI leak coming from @evleaks suggests that Samsung might be planning to introduce Google Now like features in the next version of its user interface. There is however no confirmation on whether it will actually reach smartphones.

The screenshots shared by @evleaks show the various notification/ information cards that will most probably appear on the future Samsung smartphone users’ home-screens as and when they are required, similar to what Google Now does.  As you can see, there is weather information, fitness related details, social media notifications, travel notifications, sports scores, messages, package tracking, and event related information.

Samsung might dedicate one home-screen for such information on its smartphones, very much like what Google has done with Google Now in the latest Google launcher, which is being shipped with Nexus 5.  While this is all great, we are wondering about the usefulness of this information as Google Now, which will also be present on Samsung smartphones, will itself be providing most of this information. Unless Samsung adds some unique features, this seems to be just unnecessary duplication in the cloak of a beautiful UI.

Samsung TouchWiz UI leakSamsung TouchWiz UI leak

As the details are scarce right now, not much can be said. This revamped version of TouchWiz user interface is expected to ship with Galaxy S5, which is the next flagship smartphone from Samsung.

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  1. What is new thing? For google and why is this touch wiz home coming on my galaxy4 it should not when I do not even use it is google putting something new on cell smart phones

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