Samsung unveils Galaxy S4 Crystal Edition, La Fleur edition incoming

Samsung has introduced Galaxy S4 Crystal edition in Thailand recently. The smartphone is available in limited quantity (3500 units to be specific).Galaxy S4 Crystal Edition

Featuring Swarovsci crystals, this is not the first crystal edition of a smartphone from Samsung. The Korean manufacturer has also launched similar Crystal editions of Galaxy S II and Galaxy S III Mini smartphones.

Back to Galaxy S4 Crystal edition, it has been priced at 20,300 ($632, INR 39,000) in Thailand. There is no word on whether it will ever be released outside the country.

In related news, SamMobile is reporting that Samsung will also be releasing La Fleur edition of Galaxy S4 next year along with La Fleur editions of Galaxy Core, Galaxy Fame Lite, and Galaxy Trend smartphones. To remind you, La Fleur is French for The Flower, thus La Fleur editions come with floral designs from the front and back of the smartphones.

Here is when we can expect La Fleur editions of the aforementioned smartphones:

  • Galaxy Core – Wine Red- Week 3 of 2014
  • Galaxy S4 – Red – Week 5 of 2014
  • Galaxy Fame Lite – White – Week 2 of 2014
  • Galaxy Trend – Red – Week 2 of 2014

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