Are we really going to see a metal Galaxy S5?

Samsung LogoAs you can recall, we often hear about rumours about the presence of metal-chassis in a phone before every high-end Galaxy smartphone launch but it is yet to happen. Similar reports are coming as wait for the release of Galaxy S5 but is it really going to happen this time?

Well, probably, but we can’t be certain. After the recent reports from Korea, we are now seeing a report from Taiwan, which suggests that component supplier Catcher will start supplying the metal-chassis to be used in Galaxy S5 this month to Samsung.

There is no way to authenticate this report but it is coming from Taiwan Economic Daily, which has a decent track record with such stories. This report also notes that two other component suppliers – Ju Teng and BYD (BYD) are also in the fray to supply Samsung with metal-chassis for use in Galaxy S5.

To remind you, Galaxy S5 is rumoured to feature 5-inch full HD display, octa-core processor, 3GB of RAM, Android 4.4 and 16MP rear camera.


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