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Opera aims to optimise your Android device data usage with Opera Max

Opera MaxOpera has announced something called “Opera Max,” using which this internet company wants to optimise your Android smartphone or tablet data-usage.

According to Opera, Opera Max using a VPN and routes all of your device’s unencrypted data through it to optimise stuff like videos, images and other things, which can be compressed to save data.

“We’re excited to announce Opera Max, a free and easy-to-use app that can save you data on your limited data plan by compressing video, images and text used by your device. This means that you can use your favorite apps, browse your favorite sites and use less data while doing both,” Opera noted in a blog post.

Opera has not revealed how much data you will be able to save with Opera Max, which is understandable as a lot depends on your usage – the websites you browse or the apps you use, if these apps or websites use secure connections then Opera Max can’t help you.

“Opera Max will not save you data on applications that use HTTPS encrypted or other protocols, like User Datagram Protocol. In normal English this means that you won’t save data on encrypted apps, which includes some top apps like Facebook, but you will save data on the majority of apps and any content that is not encrypted,” Opera explains.Opera Max logo

The company is looking for US-based Android users to help test Max; to beta test Opera Max, you need to live in US and have access to an Android device running Ice Cream Sandwich or above.

Here is how you can become a beta-tester for Opera Max:

Follow the above steps as they are written and you will able to test Opera Max. Keep in mind that there are limited number of spots available.

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