Motorola to bring Moto Maker to more countries

Moto X ColoursMotorola CEO Dennis Woodside has revealed in a Google+ Hangout that they are planning to bring Moto Maker to more countries in the near future. We could see the Moto Maker launch in Brazil first followed by other markets in the Latin America. He was talking to popular YouTuber Marques Brownlee.

Woodside notes that adjusting supply chain is one of the key factors in bringing Moto Maker to more countries and they are working on it and we could see the results soon.

He also revealed that Moto X is already being assembled in the key markets like Brazil and Argentina, so we think that Moto Maker launch should not be such a big task as they already have factories to assemble the customised Moto X smartphones.

Wooden Moto X is coming soon

Since the launch of Moto X and Moto Maker, we have been hearing about the availability of wooden back plates as a customisation option for Moto X but it is yet to be released. Now, Dennis Woodside has stated that they are very close to adding wooden back plates option in Moto Maker.

He explained that they have to go through addition testing to ensure that the new parts work properly and does not hamper stuff like wireless signal and more.

Check out the entire Hangout below:


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