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Moto G & Moto X orders marred by weather woes in US

Winter stormMotorola has revealed on Twitter that the winter weather conditions at its Texas factory have caused Moto G and Moto X delivery delays. The consumers, who had ordered Moto G on day one from, are still waiting to get their shipping notification and the same is happening with the recent Moto X orders.

The company has also stated that it is upgrading all orders impacted by this delay to overnight shipping, so that when orders are actually shipped, they won’t take much time to arrive at consumers’ doorsteps.

This smartphone maker has also sent out emails to the consumers detailing the issues, here is an excerpt from the mail:

As you may have heard, large parts of the United States were hit by winter storm Dion, including our fulfillment center in Fort Worth, Texas. Our operations are still recovering from the storm’s impact while also trying to keep up with the incredible demand for Moto G.

For these reasons, your phone order wasn’t shipped when we originally estimated. We sincerely apologize for the delay and want you to know that your Moto G will ship by December 17th via a free upgrade to overnight delivery. (We’ll still send you a shipping confirmation with tracking number so you can see a more accurate delivery day/time.)

Winter Weather woes Motorola

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  1. Been charged and told I wouldn’t be until shipped. They said I would be charged and receive a tracking number in the email update. Called to find out what tracking number is and was told it hasn’t shipped and CSR kept talking in circles hoping I would give up and go away. Not before cancelling order and asking for a refund. If the payment center (right hand) doesn’t know what the shipping department (left hand) is doing what happens is the consumer gets overcharged and beg for their money back. I’m sorry I ventured out on this one. I’ve never been one to wait in line for latest greatest technology or black friday deals. I should have known better, you’ve been warned

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