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LG rumoured to be working on a mini version of LG G2

Verizon LG G2With almost every popular smartphone vendor launching mini variants of their flagship smartphones, how can LG be left behind. According to a report in, LG is reportedly working on a variant of LG G2, which is feature a smaller 4.7-inch display but will keep the same Snapdragon 800 processor.

The name of the smartphone might change in the future but according to the blog, it will also come with 2GB of RAM. Other specifications are unclear but considering the presence of Snapdragon 800 and 2 gigs of RAM, we are inclined to believe that rest of the specifications will also be same as G2.

LG seems to be following the same strategy as Sony, which launched Xperia Z1 f, a smaller variant of Xperia Z1 in Japan with almost same specs as Z1. speculates that we could see the G2 mini announcement at CES 2014 but there is no confirmation.

Just 2.3 million units of LG G2 shipped until now: Report

According to a report originating from South Korea, LG has shipped just 2.3 million units of LG G2 until now. These is not a good number for a flagship smartphone, which was launched four months ago. To put this number in perspective, Samsung shipped 10 million units of Note 3 in just over two months.

The tepid sales of LG G2 could be the reason why LG is planning to introduce a mini variant of the phone with similar high-end features.

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