Imagination releases PVRMonitor app to track real-time CPU/ GPU performance data

PVRMonitorImagination Technologies has released PVRMonitor app in Google Play on Thursday to help app developers track the real-time CPU and GPU performance data to gain insights in how their app or game is using device CPU and PowerVR graphics hardware. The PVRMonitor does not work with other GPUs.

“PVRMonitor is ideal for the everyday testing and profiling as it will allow you to see performance regressions pretty quickly even when the game runs at solid 60 frames per second,” Imagination Technologies states.

Stats shown by the PVRMonitor application include:

  • CPU Load
  • Total Pixel Load
  • Total Vertex Load
  • ALU: Pixel Load
  • ALU: Vertex Load

The performance data is presented as a bar graph, updated in real time and overlaid on top of currently running applications.


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