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HTC One mini banned in UK, One could be next

HTC One miniIn a big blow to Taiwanese manufacturer HTC, a London court has ordered a ban on the sales of its One Mini smartphone in UK, after it, along with One, was found to be infringing Nokia’s European Patent number 0998024. HTC was hoping to get a stay on the injunction and wanted a ruling with financial damages to pay Nokia but the count decided against it.

The court has directed HTC to stop sales of One Mini smartphone beginning December 6 but it is allowing the company to keep selling HTC One until the result of its appeal.

“In my judgement, in the case of One, the balance comes down in favour of granting a stay. The potential harm to HTC outweighs that of Nokia, the One has been on the market for some time and the impact of HTC’s apparent lack of contingency planning is less significant. In the case of the One Mini, the balance comes down in the favour of refusing a stay. In this case the potential harm is more evenly weighted, but importantly the phone was launched much more recently and HTC designed and launched it at a time when HTC knew it was facing a claim for infringement of the patent and apparently without making any contingency plans,” Judge noted in his judgement.

You can read the chronology of events related to this case here. You can also view the full judgement here.

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